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Mega888 Tips and Reviews

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  • About Mega888
  • FAQ


what is mega888

Mega888 is one of the best online casinos in Malaysia as it offers the best online slots and live casinos available on any mobile device. 

Not only our games are top-notch, but members can also enjoy Mega888's countless other benefits such as security transactions, 24/7 customer service, endless promotions and bonuses waiting to be claimed and many more! 

All of this is only achievable with the help of our loyal members. Today, Mega888 is ranked top 10 best online casinos in Malaysia, and it is certainly a great achievement for us, but we at Mega888 have no plans of stopping our effort in polishing and better our services to improve our member's online gambling experiences. 

Mega888 will not rest until all of our users are satisfied with our platform as Mega888 is easy to access on any electronic device, and once we are done, no one will ever feel left out at Mega888.  


Is mega888 the online casino for you

The ultimate question when a user comes across an online casino malaysia he or she has never heard of is whether the online casino is reliable, trustworthy and suitable for the player to support. Here we will break down all the elements that make Mega888 a reliable online casino.  You can check up our Mega888 Review.

If you are looking for great games, and that the number of games that we have does not concern you at all, then we can also tell you that the games available to be played at our site are nothing but top-notch. 

Only top of the shelf content is allowed on our site, we are not an online casino that will settle on mere average, this is in alignment with our organization’s goal of crafting the perfect gamer experience in an online casino. 

We are getting there, and you have to see some of our games to believe with your own eyes. Scroll down to the ‘games available at Mega888’ section to find out more about our content and its greatness. 

In the online casino industry, customer service should be a top priority, and we guarantee that we will always be there whenever you need help. This is because, at Mega888, our customer service team is on standby 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Besides that, at Mega888 online slots, you can claim your points from the dealers working for Mega888 through multiple channels, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, phone call or browser live chat session. 

Mega888’s dealers are professional, fast and methodical, they typically respond within 24 hours starting as soon as the requests are posted. As the customer service team, Mega888 dealers work 24/7 so that no requests will ever go ignored. 

So yes, if you are looking for great games, an abundance of options and outstanding customer service, not to mention the secured platform, safety features and sheer amount of promotions and bonuses that we provide for our users, then Mega888 is certainly the most suitable online casino for you to try out. 


how to create a mega888 account

Users can try out some of the options to create a Mega888 account below

Option number one is by registering an account by clicking on the download button above 
Hire a Mega888 agent to create an account for you or you can just demo Mega888 with Mega888 TEST ID

You can choose either option of creating a Mega888 account based on your own preferences. To proceed with the registration process the user will have to fill in a few forms that request your personal information, do not worry, as mentioned before, Mega888 treats customer privacy priority amongst all. 

However, when choosing a Mega888 agent to help create an account, we would recommend you make sure that the Mega888 agent is legit and try not to fall for dummy Mega888 sites hoping to exploit and scam their users. Only visit direct and official Mega888 channels only or risk getting your hard-earned money scammed out of your pockets. 

We also have internet watchdogs scouting every site they can find to help us identify scammers, if you have encountered one, make sure you report them to us so that actions can be taken. 

Furthermore, one crucial thing to keep in mind during the account registration process is that the user must provide real and verifiable information when registering an account or else it will be considered to be a case of fraud or identity theft and dismissed. 

Repeat offenders will risk getting banned from Mega888 for an indefinite period of time. We must also remind all users to choose a strong password, a strong password should contain a healthy combination of random alphabets and numbers, this will make the account uncrackable by even the most experienced hackers. 

The security team at Mega888 will do anything in their power to prevent your account from being hacked, but we can only do so much if you, as the owner, is not careful with the account security, to begin with. Never, under any circumstances, share your password to anyone that you do not 100% trust.


As mentioned before, Mega888 offers a wide variety of great games for all to enjoy, the entertainment content at Mega888 covers a wide area, for example, we have slot games, fishing games, poker games, shooting games, baccarat games, roulette and spin the wheel, just to name a few. 

A ton of games are provided on Mega888 for you to play, it is impossible to cover all of them, so here’s a snippet from the featured games of the month at Mega888, these featured games are ranked by traffic value, it means that they are the viral topic at our site. 

We recommend that you try them out as soon as you register an account, these games are celebrated by many, so it would not be wise to miss this opportunity to play them.


2020 featured games on mega888


Wolf Hunter is a Gothic slot game released in September 2018. It is a video slot type slot game that features 20 pay lines and a Victorian aesthetic loved by many Gothic horror fans. In this game, you battle against evil werewolves disguised as human to prey on the innocent at night. It is both exhilarating and spooky, boasting a maximum RTP of 96.3%. 

The volatility of the slots are ranked at medium to high, so expect a high degree of profitability in this slot game. It is available to be played on mobile, and the maximum win amount of the game is set at 15,000 coins. Check out more details about Wolf Hunter here


Designed specifically with motorcycle lovers, speed chasers, and rock music enthusiasts, this game will definitely make you feel the thrill of the road and the wind in your hair as the adrenaline rush takes over your body from the start of the road to the end of the line. 

Motorcycle’s theme is based around bikers that look genuine, rebellious, and rugged, it is an authentic experience loved by many. The game is available to be played on mobile, it features five reels, 30 pay lines and 3D graphics. Check out more details about Motorcycle slots here


Designed by Play n Go, Dragon Maiden is a video slot type slot game that features five reels and up to 243 pay lines. It is a fantastic experience where you are immediately drawn into a whole new dimension. Start your quest in taming even the fiercest dragon known to man, and prove yourself to the world that you are indeed the strongest dragon maiden of all. 

Here, you are allowed to craft your own path for yourself, whether you want to go down the evil or the heroic route is entirely up to you. Dragon Maiden is available to be played on mobile, with simple bets adjustment buttons, autoplay features and simple control. Check out more details about Dragon Maiden here


Where do we even start with Steam Tower? At Mega888, this is certainly the most popular entry of all time. The steampunk aesthetic is what draws a large crowd around the game, and it has gained cult status among old slot game enthusiasts and members of our site. 

Like the three entries before it, Steam Tower is also a video slot type game designed by Netent, the game has a maximum RTP of up to 97%. Decent offers additional free spins to help your hero’s quest in climbing the floors of the steam tower to save the damsel in distress. Your weapon of choice? The hook gun, now that is badass.  Check out more details about Steam Tower here.

Some other examples of the featured games at Mega888 include 5 fortune, 10000 Da Shen Nao Hai, 7 Crazy, African Wildlife, 8-Ball Slot and Aladdin Wishes.  All of these games are simple yet effective by design. 

They are extremely easy to pick up and learn, yet features a high skill ceiling for more competitive gamers.  Whether you are a casual gamer looking to have a comforting and relaxing time, or a hardcore gamer hoping for a challenge to test your gaming skills, Mega888 has just the right content for you! 


where to download and install mega888

The MEGA888 app is available to download on both the Apple and Google play store, the app is supported by both platforms as well so it does not matter what phone you are using. Mega888 fans can also choose to manually install the app by visiting our third-party download site at  

The installation process is simple and fast, all the user needs to do is follow the instructions listed on the download page of the site. The first step is always to make sure you download the APK file of the Mega888 app on your phone. You can learn more details on how to download Mega888 here, we have a full detailed step-by-step guide that shows you how to download the apps into your phone, You can also check out how to download Mega888 in your PC here.

 Take note that the installation process can only begin when your mobile phone is prompted to trust the app developers. To do this, go to SETTINGS, then go to GENERAL SETTINGS. There, you will find DEVICE MANAGEMENT, which inside you will see the name ‘ALL CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD’. 

Click it and then click TRUST. The installation process should begin immediately after you select ‘Trust’, the process will not take more than 5 minutes. 


How safe is mega888

Users will not have to worry about their own safety when gaming with Mega888, because here, we boast one of the most sophisticated, state of the art security systems in the online casino industry. 

Safe to say, cases of account theft or any other form of exploitation that can potentially harm our customers were unheard of in the past, and we will continue to work hard to make sure that the future stays the same. You can check more on Mega888 safety measures here

Before you join our gaming site, you would want to know that: 

Mega888 is a licensed site accredited by multiple organizations; this is extremely crucial for any online casino that wishes to be verified by the online gaming community. 

Mega888 is vouched by online watchdogs and multiple licensing firms as a reliable online casino. This proves that we are approved by the online gaming community and is deemed a safe service to be used.

Features a two-factor authentication via linking between email and online casino app. 
Any transactions made by the hacker that had stolen your account can be easily canceled and returned once the user reports this to our management team. 

High end encryption system that ensure users safety

Mega888 consists of 128-bit encryption of personal information and account passwords. Encryption is very important as it acts as a large wall preventing hackers from gaining access to your account password, even if they did, your password will come in the form of an encrypted form, meaning that there is virtually no method to read it unless the encryption is cracked, which would take a tremendous amount of time and effort. 

Mega888 also features a strong firewall to protect users from account hackers, the firewall is virtually uncrackable even by security experts. This will further close down any tiny loophole that hackers may find to gain entry into the Mega888 site and steal the users’ information. 

Mega888 spares no expenses in perfecting the online casino’s security systems; in the online casino, the security department receives the largest chunk of the company’s annual budget. This is where our priority lies, now everyone can game with us without a single hint of concern on their minds. You can say that Mega888 is somewhat a gamer’s paradise. Don't believe me? Check on Mega888 Review here.


Does mega888 regularly go through site maintenance

Yes, Mega888 is an online casino that is constantly evolving. We want to keep the experience fresh for all users so that no one will ever get bored with us, therefore, we will constantly churn out updates on new site features, site design, hot new releases and new promotions plus bonuses. 

We will work hard to keep on polishing and improving our site through these updates, all Mega888 fans certainly have a lot to look forward to when they came with us. 

Here at Mega888 customer service, we also have emergency maintenance to implement hot fixes for bugs, glitches and others. We urge that all player stay patient during these moments of inconvenience, emergency site maintenance is usually will not take more than 24 hours.

To summarize, Mega888 is an online casino that features 

  • Great game design and quality
  • Substantial game collection
  • User-friendly casino design
  • Outstanding security systems
  • Superb customer service 
  • Above-average profitability

Register an account today to see the reason why Mega888 is the most popular online casino in the Southeast Asia region, especially in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Claim your mega888 free credit once you join so that you can start gaming right away. 

We would recommend newcomers to try out our exquisite slot games before moving into our more advanced options such as fishing games and other unique live table experiences. We hope you have a great time at Mega888, and we wish you good luck!

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The Whole Registration Process is easy and take less than 2 mins, You can click the blue button located on the bottom of the page to register or you can click the link below for more details

Click Here For Mega888 Step-By-Step Registration Guideline



The whole download process is easy and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. We will show you how to download in iOS and Android together

Click Here For Mega888 Download Guide [Android / iOS]

How to download mega888 in PC


The whole download process is easy and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. We will show you how to download in PC / Laptop Using Emulator

Click Here For Mega888 Download Guide [PC / Laptop]

All You Need To Know About MEGA888


There are 2 ways to cash out your money out of Mega888 which are listed below, take note that each has its own terms and conditions. 

Click Here For Mega888 Step By Step Withdrawal Guide

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bank Transfer

free credit mega888


There are a couple of ways to redeem online credits which is listed below 

Click Here For Guide To Claim Mega888 Free Credit

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Referral Bonus 
  • Daily Reload Bonus
  • Birthday Month Bonus



Mega888 has multiple communication channels listed below each with a separate customer service team ready to be at your service. You can also contact Mega888 customer service live chat located on the bottom right corner

Click Here To Reach Mega888 Customer Service

  • Whatsapp
  • WeChat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Line
  • Twitter
  • Caller
  • Email


Mega888 test Id demo


With Mega888 Test ID members can access and play Mega888 slots without depositing a single ringgit and without any deposit there won’t be any fear of losing money.

Click Here To Learn More On How To Use Mega888 Test ID

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Samantha Smith

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