918Kiss APK Review (2023)

Since the advent of technology, resources are pulled towards achieving better and easier ways of doing things; this is the case in the world of gambling. Conventionally, people had to travel to land-based casinos to play games; however, the world has since shifted from the convention to a more relaxed way of gambling, which has birthed online casinos.

These casinos have become the norms in the world of gambling because they offer the land-based casino experience with just a click on your computer, tablet, or phone. All of the shortcomings posed by land casinos have been tackled with the advent of online casinos; you do not have to travel all the way to a land casino to play casino games.

Online casinos offer a robust structure for players; aside from the convenience, they have larger betting sizes, variety of games, and other special offers. From your home or wherever you are, with your devices, you get to enjoy your favourite casino games and still connect with various players around the world.

Most of these online casinos put several structures in place to ensure players have opportunities to win; promotions and lower house edges are a few of these structures. One such online casinos in the world today, which has also gained popularity, is 918Kiss.

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What is 918Kiss Online Casino?

918Kiss is a well-known online casino in Asia; it was launched in 2015. Formerly called SCR888, the casino was upgraded and rebranded to what is now known as 918Kiss Malaysia. 918Kiss provides a whole new level of online gaming experience for players and has gained prominence in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

The casino has shown significant influence in providing people with that land-based casino experience right from the comfort of their homes. With few clicks on their devices, players can now easily access online games, play these games when they want to and adjust to the game rules without having to go to a land-based casino. 918Kiss, despite being an Asian based online casino, has extended its reach to several countries in the world; the casino is seen to have extensive data of players due to the ease of access and matchless gaming experience.

The casino has a record of reliability, impeccability, and consistency, which has kept them ahead of their game in the last five years. The casino provides fantastic gaming experience for die-hard casino lovers and even novice; the customer service and topnotch security status has pooled players over the years, ranking the casino as one of the best ten online casinos available. 918Kiss also has a live online casino where players get to meet real dealers and players, right from their home.

918Kiss offers incentives to players and first-timers to keep the gaming experience refreshing, interesting and challenging. New players are entitled to a welcome bonus of RM150 while all players get amazing promotions, such as the daily reload bonus of up to RM100 to spice up the games. For players to enjoy all that the online casino offers, they have to download the application software in the recommended devices, deposit cash, and start playing.

What are The Games Available On 918Kiss?

The most important aspect of an online casino is the games they offer; this factor will either pull players towards or away from the casino. 918Kiss has a reputation for not only having a vast collection of games in terms of quantity but also of top quality as so much has been and is still being put into the game collections to make them up to players’ demand and taste.

The casino strikes a balance between the number of games they have and the quality of each of these games. 918Kiss has lots of games ranging from slot games, fishing games, and other live table games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette. The slot games have the highest fraction in the list of games provided by 918Kiss; these games have interesting features; they are easy to learn and play. The games are of high visual design, and they give players that thrilling experience when they play.

The amazing features these games offer is what has pulled players to the casino, averaging up to 5000 players and above daily. RealTimeGaming and SpadeGaming are popular games providers well-known in Asia and internationally, for the best mobile gaming experience, sounds, 3D graphics and fun real money games in diverse languages such as English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese; the beautiful part is that these are the game providers for 918Kiss. 918Kiss also expands their games collection so players cannot run out of options and have something new to play each time; here are some of the games available on 918Kiss:

918kiss ocean king

Fishing Games

Ocean king and Da Sheng Nao Hai are the highest-ranking, and most played fishing games in 918Kiss. These games have smooth gameplay, detailed designs, tightly controlled pace, high replay, and provide an overall rewarding experience. For all fishing game lovers, these games are the best; they are fun and intense at the same time. Great music and unique aesthetics are also amazing features of these game types; the games also have several levels and can choose to play with the game environment or compete with other players all around the world. These games are profitable and very entertaining.

918kiss battle world

Rotating Arcades

Arcade games available in 918Kiss are Shark, Poker Three, Roulette 24, Roulette 12, Roulette 73, Battle World, and Racing Car. Battle world and Racing Car are the topmost-play arcade game types in 918Kiss; they are designed to keep players glued to their screen all day. These games are improved versions of the slot types as they have been blended with adrenaline-fueled arcade-style and endless betting. They are addicting as they immerse the players in the game and are also easy to learn. The battle world is a Chinese based cartoon-like game that takes you on a unique spin into the journey to the west and features favorite characters like Monkey king and Sha Zheng. Racing cars, on the other hand, is a perfectionist game of sports cars. The Roulette games with 12, 24 and 73 numbers on the wheel are real money games.

Table Games

Table Games

A range of table games is offered in 918Kiss, and most of these games are card games. Examples of table games in 918Kiss are Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Lucky Cups, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Hulu Cock, Sedie, and Bankai. The most popular table casino games are Roulette and Blackjack.

Slot Games

Slot Games

Several slot game types exist in 918Kiss app; some of these slots have 100, 50, 25, 20, 15 and 9 pay lines as well as multimillion MYR payouts. WOW prosperity, Shanghai 008, Magic Hammer, Ming Dynasty, Dolphin Reef, and Zeus are examples of slot games available to 918Kiss players. Ocean king which is slot game and is played in an ocean environment and players use catching cannons to catch fish; the more fish, the more points and the fish types have different values. To get extra points or gifts, players have to fix their eyes on catching the tofu fish, crab bombs, and other specified kinds; the ocean king have no reels or symbols. Robin hood is another popular slot game with 4-row reels, 12 symbols, and 15 pay lines; the golden arrow, which is a special symbol in the game, increases players’ chances of winning. Players can also win free games with three scatters or more.

Is It Safe And Secure To Play At 918Kiss?

Another key factor in the decision of what makes an online casino the best is in the aspect of security. This factor is not taken lightly in 918Kiss; the casino uses stringent, reliable, world-class security systems and firewalls to keep intrusions away. These intruders could come in the form of hackers; therefore, the best security measures are put in place to prevent any means of hacking.

918Kiss value customers, and since their details and personal information are fed into the casino database, they ensure it stays that way; players’ privacy and security are assured. The level of protection provided by 918Kiss Android is of international standard; the security systems are regularly vetted to ensure there is no breach; they have accreditation from several licensed providers, which shows their reliability.

The application software provides a two-way authentication linking between the casino app and customers’ email; the casino also has secure payment gateways for players such as Eeziepay and Help2pay. 128-bit encryption for customers’ information and account management is also provided to keep customers safe and secure.

All of these security measures and constant reviews have since proven the credibility and reliability of 918Kiss; there has been no case of breach of security in the casino, and they intend to keep it that way. Customers can play without fear of losing valuable information as the casino is safe and secure.

How to Download 918Kiss On iPhone And Android?

The 918Kiss apk is downloaded either from the game’s main page(website) or from google play or any app stores, all of which are virus-free and secured. For customers that download 918Kiss IOS and Android, the function of installing external applications in their device after downloading the application so that it can proceed with the installation procedure.

The apk can be sieved out from these stores by simply searching for the name using the search function of the app store on your phone (whether ios or Android), and the 918Kiss casino apk will be the first result to show up.

If while trying to download the application from the app store, you discover that your region or country is locked from accessing the app from the app store due to laws and restrictions against gambling in that region, then it is required that this player should download the application file of the 918Kiss download on the website 918Kisses.my.

When downloading from the website, it is essential that you click on the correct download link. The download links are by device operating systems, so do well to know which version you are to download for your mobile device.


From the discussion so far, it would be right to conclude that 918Kiss is inarguably the most reliable casino not only in Asia but also on an international level. They offer a significant number of casino games, all of which are of satisfactory quality, and the online casino design is most appealing. Their service overall is outstandingly better than the rest, coupled with extremely reliable security. A summary of the 918Kiss review would rate the casino with a five-star.

The only downside of the 918Kiss casino is that it can only be accessed and played via mobile devices. This is not a big problem for PC-users as they can also have access to the 918Kiss casino, but how? First, they are to download an Android emulator on their pc, after which, they search for 918Kiss pc download on google to download the 918Kiss Android apk to install the mobile casino.

Also, due to gambling laws and restrictions in some regions, not everyone has the liberty to access 918Kiss Android from the play store. In situations like this, you will have to search for the apk file through a trusted third-party website and download the application for manual installation.

918Kiss Frequently Asked Questions

How can you pay at 918Kiss?

Payments are made via EaziePay, online transfer, or Help2Pay.

Is it possible to contact 918Kiss?

Yes, 918Kiss has an excellent customer care service. The extent to which the 918Kiss casino values their customers is demonstrated in their swift response to customers who contact them. However, when you call them to enquire about any aspect of their service, you should be very specific in your questions so you won’t get vague answers. If you are specific, the answer you will receive should satisfy your questions. 918Kiss customer service is always ready to address your questions, complaints, concerns, and demands.

Are there bonuses available at 918Kiss?

Yes, 918Kiss happens to be among one of the most generous casinos in all of Asia.

What are the available bonuses at 918Kiss?

The bonuses include a starter pack, fishing game rebate, first deposit bonus, slot bonus, and card game bonus. Free credits are given to new members and can be used to play and wager on games without spending anything. Newcomers receive a 150% bonus up to RM150. There are also events bonuses, cash rebates, and other promos as well. The latest bonus offerings can be seen from the promotions tab in the 918Kiss website.

Is the 918Kiss online casino user friendly?

The online casino is very easy to access and navigate through. It offers the most fantastic user experience you will ever get from any online casino. There is also complete transparency concerning every activity taking place on the website. Unlike some crazy online casinos, there are no hidden payments or surprises that can ruin one’s gaming experience. There is a direct channel for communication and rapid withdrawal of winnings. When you request for withdrawal, it takes less than 10 minutes for the withdrawal to be processed and sent to your bank account. They support online banking with zero miss or fail transaction records.

How can you win 918Kiss games?

Players in 918Kiss casinos enjoy super big wins, ultimate big wins, and mega big wins. Improving your gaming skills will increase your chances of winning big. There are videos and guides that can help in this aspect. Also, before going for the real game, you can make use to test accounts to try out the games first. This will help you to know which game you are better at.

How do I withdraw my winnings from 918Kiss online casino?

To withdraw your winnings, you need to contact one of the 918Kiss casino gaming agents. These agents will attend to your needs in real-time. 918Kiss is reputable for having the widest and fastest online transaction coverage in all of Malaysia. Within a few minutes after requesting a withdrawal, you will find your money.

How can you hack 918Kiss?

Hacking the 918Kiss casino is possible. You will still earn money if you hack the mobile casino. You need to go online and search for the latest 918Kiss casino hacks. You will then choose the one that best works for you through careful research. The best thing about these hacks is that you don’t have to be a veteran or professional hacker to hack the online casino. You can search for “918Kiss hack” and download it. There are a lot of tutorials on how to use 918Kiss hacks. Use your resources and enjoy the benefits of these tools.

How can you top up online?

You can top up your credit through online banking. The 918casino customer care agent is contacted via their support line/channels to get assistance from them. 918Kiss accepts all banks offering online transaction in Malaysia. This top-up service is offered round the clock, so you can contact them at any time of the day.