How To Download The 918Kiss APK (iOS and Android Device)

Grace Ooi
June 9, 2020

With the continuous evolution of technology and the internet, any website or software application that does not adapt and become current is as good as done for. It is with this recent trend that the 918Kiss producers have decided to update their website and make known the most recent methods of successfully downloading the 918Kiss APK on various iOS and Android devices.

Why 918Kiss Online Casino is Preferred

918Kiss slot is an ideal slot machine that offers online casino services for gamers in Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia. With recent updates done on the website, new designs in terms of the look, feel and layout has been included in a bid to catch the eyes of more people who are online casino lovers. Registered subscribers can testify that the simplicity of usage and the user experience (UX) is one of the best as far as online/mobile slot gaming is concerned.


The Popular Online Casino 918Kiss

For the numerous gamers in the above countries, the 918Kiss gaming app is arguably one of the best online casinos on the internet, with only two other online slot applications as worthy competitors (XE88 and Mega888). Their partnership with several renowned game developers (for example, Playtech) allows the website to provide its numerous subscribers with the room to safely place bets (typically referred to as dealing), and win special credits, cool cash, and other bonuses while being entertained at the same time.

You can download the 918Kiss apps onto your mobile device, and join the many other winners on the online casino platform. Below is a list of concise steps that can guide you throughout the process of downloading and installing the app from the right source so that you can start to win.

The mobile casino app for iOS & Android device users is available for download, and this piece has been put together with the aim of providing you with a foolproof method to show every potential subscriber how easy it is. Just stick with me and be sure to adhere to the following steps so that you too can gain access to this information on how you can download it successfully.


918Kiss APK Download For iOS Devices

918kiss download mobile pc

Step One: Find The Official Download Site

Open your browser app (Google Chrome, Opera mini browser, or Phoenix browser), and enter ‘’ in the search or query box.

Step Two: Download The APK File

Go ahead and click on the ‘download link” for the iOS version of your device. There are 2 download links labeled as ‘ iPhone 5+ iOS download ‘ and ‘ iPhone 5- iOS download ‘. While the former (the option that reads iPhone 5+ iOS download) is for iOS devices with versions that are higher than the iPhone 5, the latter option (the one that reads iPhone 5- iOS download) is for versions of iPhone users that are below iPhone 5.

Step Three: Wait For The Download To Be Completed

Depending on your network connectivity, this should take anywhere from less than a minute to about three minutes. Just hang in there.

Also, it is advised that you find a comfortable place where there is a stable, strong network connection, so as to reduce the incident of errors in the download and installation of the APK file.

Step Four: Install The Downloaded File

When a pop-up menu comes up to ask for permission to install the APK file, click the ‘install’ button.

Step Five: Trust The 918Kiss App

When the ‘download complete’ notification comes on your screen, click the ‘918kiss’ APK file icon, and wait for a pop up that reads ‘ Untrusted ent. ‘

The ‘Untrusted ent. ‘ error message pops up because the website is not native to the iOS device, so by default, it is not recognized as a trusted site for download of apk files.

Step Six: Phone Settings

Next, what you need to do is to minimize the browser app and open the ‘settings’ app from the menu on your mobile device. Keep scrolling down until you reach ‘General’. Once you find it, click on it.

Step Seven: Trust The App Developer

Under ‘General’, find and click on the ‘Device Management’ option, then look for ‘All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.’ and click ‘Trust All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.’.

Step Eight: Confirm Trust “All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.”

You can now begin to enjoy the app as intended.


Please Note: The reason for the change of name of the file is that all iOS devices have an inbuilt software (kind of like a firewall) that blocks the installation and use of files and apps from untrusted websites, including the mobile app. So, under a different name, the 918Kiss apk download software is able to bypass that inbuilt firewall and install itself successfully on your phone.

There have been reported cases where error messages are seen popping up either during the process of download or in any of the other steps involved in the installation. If this is the case with you, there is no need to panic or give up. Simply delete the file and repeat the installation process.

When the app has been successfully installed, you can go ahead and open the file and subscribe for free to start enjoying the app.


918Kiss APK Download For Android Devices

918Kiss Explained

Step One: Phone Settings and Privacy

Click on the ‘settings’ option on your mobile phone. Next, keep scrolling down till you find the ‘settings and privacy’ option. Open it.

If your Android version is earlier than Version 8.0, the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option may have been replaced with ‘Settings’, and the ‘Install apps from external sources’ option may have been replaced with ‘Unknown sources’. However, the way it comes up on your phone screen, that is the place you want to be.

Step Two: Allow Permission To Install APK Files

Click ‘allow’ and confirm ‘allow’ when the query box pops up to ask for permission to install the programmed after. This will enable the APK file to be successfully installed on your phone.

Step Three: Get The Official 918Kiss APK File

Open your browser (Google Chrome, Opera mini browser, Phoenix browser, etc.) and enter ‘mega888downloader.come/918kiss’ in the search or query box and go ahead and search.

You will be redirected to the main authorized page for that website. When you get there, Click on the ‘download’ link for the Android version that is compatible with your device.

Step Four: Be Patient For A Complete Download

Depending on your network connection, this could take anywhere from a few seconds to somewhere between two to three minutes. It is highly advised that you find a place with a strong, stable network connection before the commencement of the download process. This simple act will prevent certain errors from occurring later on when you want to install the APK file.

Step Five: Install The Downloaded APK

Once the apk file has been successfully downloaded, click ‘Install’. The APK file will be installed as an app on your phone without any hitches because the settings have been changed on your device to enable the app installation from sources that are unknown(Check Step One and Step Two).

Step Six: Open The App And Start Playing!

Go ahead and click on the app, register for free and start winning right away.

If you have any questions or concerns or you simply need more information about how the website is run, simply send a message to their customer care service (either on WhatsApp or WeChat), stating the issue you need help with. Their customer care team has been praised for their prompt replies and clear directions, so go ahead and get your issue resolved.

Also, to welcome new players, the website has declared a 30% sign-up bonus for new members. The older subscribers are not left out either, as they have an 8% redeposit bonus (a bonus that is given to players when they make recent deposit activities).


 If you download the app from any third-party site, you might have as well installed a virus on your phone, because apps from third-party websites have most likely been tampered with.

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