How To Download Mega888

Grace Ooi
May 18, 2020


A Step By Step Guide [2023]

Is Mega888 Online Slots For You?


We all heard of Mega888, through out the years Mega888 has quickly climb it’s way to the top spot in online casino. Statistics shows that Mega88 is currently the fastest growing online casino in Asia, and people who have played the game will likely to say the same thing. The reviews for Mega888 online casino Malaysia had been overwhelmingly positive, praise about the online casino all surrounds about the quality of the games, the design of the casino and the quality of the online casino.  That’s why in today’s topic we will be teaching you how to download Mega888 in a step by step guide, so you can try the game yourself.

The whole download process is easy and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. We will show you how to download in iOS and Android together, take note that both of the download steps are mostly the same so we will highlight which part is different for iOS and Android in different color fonts. But before we proceed you will need to learn how to register a Mega888 account here


How To Download Mega888 in Android & iOS

Step 1 : Click on the download button here and you will be redirected to the official Mega888 download page [Android and iOS]

Mega888 download button

Step 2 : Press the download button as shown on the screen shot below [Android and iOS]

**Take note that if you already register a Mega888 account you should be able to see your Username and Password as shown on the image below [Copy them down for later use], we have censored the Username Password for privacy purposes.


mega888 login 4

mega888 download 4



Step 4 :  Your Android phone will pop out the notification as shown below, proceed to press “ok“. 

(If your phone does not pop out this, kindly ignore this step and proceed to the next step.)  


mega888 android download 1

Step 5 : Press the Install button as shown on the image below and your phone will start to download Mega888APK.  

mega888 android download 2



Step 4 :  Your iPhone will pop out the notification as shown below, proceed to press “cancel“. 

iphone download 1

Step 5 : Proceed to go “settings“ > “General” > “All continental Trading Sdn Bhd” > Trust” 

**To allow iPhone to run Mega888

iphone download


Step 6 : You should be able to find the Mega888 App on your home screen which looks like the image below [Upper], proceed to press the App and you should be in Mega888 login page as shown on the image below [Lower].  

mega888 icon


mega888 login page


Step 7 : Login by pasting the username and password on Step 2 and enjoy Mega888


Now that you have downloaded Mega888, don’t forget to claim your free Mega888 credit here, you can always feel free to use our Mega888 test ID to play with unlimited credit and practice until you feel you are ready to deposit money, if you still encounter any problem regarding downloading Mega888 please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer service on the bottom right corner, we here in Mega888downloader wishes you to have a wonderful experience here in Mega888.


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