Is Mega888 Safe ?

Grace Ooi
August 3, 2020


Online casinos are the greatest invention in the gaming community. It not only made playing casino games on the go a reality. But it also provides the public access to all the amazing games on the internet, all in one destination. It is convenient, easy, and fun, but sadly, not always safe. 

Casino security should be the top priority when evaluating an online casino. After all, what is the use of a great abundance of high-quality games when the players do not even feel safe while playing? 

Security is crucial in protecting user privacy and user information. This keeps them from harm’s way so that they can stay entertained and support an online casino without worrying.

90% Reviews That Mega888 are Safe?


There are certainly a lot of ranked lists of online casinos out there on the internet. All published by various online casino review sites and blogs. The writers we trust are well-known and their writing has proven to be trustworthy. 

However, after going through dozens of these lists within weeks, we have spotted a pattern among all these lists. And it is the fact that the name Mega888 has appeared in almost 90% of them

Some people rank them at the top 10, some at the top 5. There are a handful of people that claimed that it is an upcoming viral star of the online casino industry. So, the question here that we are sure a lot of our readers are thinking right now is: is Mega888 safe to use?

Is Mega888 Safe to Play?

To provide a quick answer here, our reply would be yes. Allow us to explain why. First off, Mega888 is a mobile app-based online casino. The online casino can be downloaded from and manually installed on the phone. 

We inspected the software and found no malware or hidden spying tools inside whatsoever. So, this online casino passed the early tests. Next, when we look at the Mega888 website, we found that the casino is accredited by multiple trusted accreditation agents and organizations. 

So you can certainly bet that they are here to provide a safe platform for gambling, instead of looking to exploit their users. 


Is Mega888 Phone Friendly?

The app also does not slow down the mobile phone in any way, it is just a regular, legit, gaming application. So now we can assure you that your information and your electronic devices along with your money are safe with this online casino. 

Mega888 Transaction security

We do acknowledge now that they are among the top-ranking online casinos out there. The transaction system on this online casino is standard yet without flaws, reports show that they are fast and efficient, with a waiting time of no more than 5 minutes. 

Combine this with the 128-bit encryption tools to protect user information on Mega888, we can safely say this is an online casino that is 100% safe to use, and worthy of our support. 

Download it now by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or simply go to today. or you can simply use mega888 test id to try out the game 1st.

Download Mega888 Here

Author Grace Ooi

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