Mega888 Cryptocurrency Transaction

Grace Ooi
March 14, 2021

Introducing Mega888 Latest Cryptocurrency Transaction

 Cryptocurrency is the rising trend of today’s transaction method, scan and pay method can be seen just around anywhere and people are starting to practice cashless transaction. This brought up top online casinos such as Mega888 to start applying cryptocurrency transaction as well. As cryptocurrency promotes more anonymous online transactions and personal data security. Other than that, cryptocurrency will only increase in value making it more the reason to apply it.    

What Is Cryptocurrency?

1 Bitcoin (Crypto)

A cryptocurrency is a virtual digital currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it impossible to counterfeit and all transactions are done online using blockchain, which are organizational methods for ensuring the integrity of transactional data.

You will be able to use cryptocurrency such as bitcoinLitecoinEthereum to withdraw and deposit money in Mega888. All you need to do is open a crypto wallet in blockchain and you are good to go.


How To Apply Cryptocurrency To Mega888?

Once you create your crypto wallet just login to your Mega888 account and proceed to “Deposit” and choose “withdraw” and you can choose whether to withdraw using bank transfer or crypto as shown on the image below. Proceed to click “crypto” and fill up the following details, do take note that the amount will be determined on the value of the cryptocurrency the moment you made the transaction as shown below. You can check out more details about how to withdraw money from Mega888 using cryptocurrency or bank transfer here.
Cryptocurrency withdrawal mega888 

Claim Up To 1% Mega888 Bonus With Cryptocurrency Deposit

Mega888 member can enjoy up to 1% free bonus weekly when they deposit Mega888 using cryptocurrency, effective as of the time of this article. Details are shown on the table below 

Mega888 Bonus

Terms to apply the bonus as per below :

  • Members are required to deposit an accumulated minimum amount of MYR 1000 worth of Bitcoin, Ether or USDT within a week to be entitled to this promotion.
  • Members are required to fulfill a 3x turnover in order to transfer or withdraw
  • Each Members are entitled a maximum bonus of MYR 888 weekly.
  • All customer offers are limited to one per person meaning one per family, household address, IP address, email address, telephone number, credit or debit card and/or e-payment account, or shared computer
  • Each qualified member is entitled to a maximum of one (1) reward application once a week
  • Qualified members are required to contact our Customer Service live chat service located on the right side bottom corner or contact Mega888 customer support here through live chat within (7) days to claim the bonus.
  • Member’s eligibility will be verified at the end of the week and qualified members will be notified via inbox message on each Monday
  • Members are required to deposit an accumulated minimum amount of MYR 1000 worth of Bitcoin, Ether or USDT within a week to be entitled to this promotion.
  • General Mega888 Terms and Condition Also Apply To This Bonus.


Cryptocurrency Lucky Draw For All Mega888 Crypto User


mega888 lucky draw

All Mega888 member are entitled for this bonus, simply deposit a minimum amount of MYR200 using the previous mentioned cryptocurrency to be qualify for the lucky draw. Details of the lucky draw are shown on the table below :

Mega888 Lucky Draw

Terms to apply the lucky draw as per below :

  • There will only be 3 lucky winners 
  • Prizes will be credited to the eligible members’ main wallet within three (3) working days after the checking period (about 1 day).
  • Each member will be entitled one (1) lucky draw ticket for every MYR 200 on your total deposit amount with Bitcoin, Ether or USDT payment method. (i.e. Deposit MYR 2000 = 10 lucky draw ticket)
  • Prizes will be credited directly into the winners’ main wallet.

In Summary

Try out Mega888 with cryptocurrency today, contact our customer service for more info. If you haven’t register or download the game, click on the blue button below to sign up today. Mega888 is the number one trusted cryptocurrency slot in Malaysia.




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