Mega888 Terms And Conditions

Grace Ooi
January 8, 2021




You have agreed that you are eighteen years or older by accepting our terms and conditions and registering the services provided by MEGA888 online casino. You have also certified that you have read and fully comprehended our terms and conditions, and you are willing to abide by the rules. 

You must not that failure to register with MEGA888 means you will not gain access to the online casino software and all the services it offers. You must first agree to the terms and conditions of MEGA888 before you can be provided with product information, website registration, and utilize the MEGA888 online services.

MEGA888 has all the rights to amend, modify, and change these terms and conditions whenever they deem necessary, without notifying anyone before doing so. Such modification must strictly adhere from the exact moment it is uploaded in the “Terms and Conditions” column of the MEGA888 official website. 

Therefore, the user must review these terms and conditions from time to time.  When the modified terms and conditions are uploaded, it implies that you have read them (and are willing to adhere to the rules) when you continue to use the site.

The MEGA888 terms and conditions act as the medium through which a total agreement has been reached between the online casino and the user. It supersedes and blends all previous agreements with the user and MEGA888.

In any case of inconsistency in the Terms and Conditions of MEGA888 and a certain rule on the MEGA888 website, the Terms and Conditions must be considered superior to such rule.

At any point where MEGA888 feels the necessity to do so, they can request for users to provide proof of the identity of their accounts after registration. They can also request users to provide proof of their age before they can participate in the MEGA888 online casino.



If there is any case of a discrepancy in a player’s account, MEGA888 has all the rights to suspend such an account until the issue has been resolved. Any complaint or dispute must be composed in written format stating the exact date, time, and features of the discrepancy and sent to the customer service support center via email. 

MEGA888 does not take customer complaints or disputes lightly and works to ensure that they are resolved as soon as possible.

MEGA888 also has the right to suspend or delete a user’s account if they notice any inconsistency or fraudulent action. They can do so without giving the user any notice beforehand. 

However, if a user had money deposited in his account at the time of suspension or cancellation, the money will be refunded to the user through a transaction method determined by MEGA888. Nevertheless, MEGA888 reserves all rights to consider winnings invalid and void any balance on a user’s account on the grounds of noncompliance or wrongdoing.

MEGA888 will not take responsibility if a third party uses your password and account number to make transactions on their platform. You must prevent other people, including those who are not in the legal age of gambling, from accessing your MEGA888 account. MEGA888 will not take responsibility for the losses, purchases, or transactions you or a third party makes with your account.



All MEGA888 promotional offers can be enjoyed by one free open account for each user, home address, family members, email address, bank account, IP address, etc. Any wagers placed on opposite edges, tie, and invalid wagers will not be used to calculate the discount or add up towards a certain rollover specification. 

MEGA888 maintains the full right and, without warning or explanation, to change, modify or cancel this promotional offer or any kind of reward thereof. Users are permitted to have only one registered account on MEGA888. Your accounts may be suspended or removed if MEGA888 service providers discover you have more than one registered account. 

You must inform the MEGA888 customer service representatives before you create another account. If you fail to do so, MEGA888 will consider these accounts as arbitrage gambling account. And MEGA888 has the legal authority to suspend the accounts, and the promotions and bonuses will be completely blocked.

If MEGA888 considers it necessary, a user may be asked to provide information that will confirm their identity. Therefore users must be ready to provide such information as soon as they get notified. If you fail to provide such information, it implies that you are no longer interested in withdrawing whatever amount of money left in your MEGA888 account.

By participating in the MEGA888 promotional offers, you have confirmed that your personal information on your registered account is accurate and updated. You will get suspended from using MEGA888 online casino services if you fail to provide the right information.



A user must place bets from the money deposited in their MEGA888 accounts. Bettings can be considered null and void if the MEGA888 service providers find out that users have never made a successful deposit on their accounts. After making a deposit, you must ensure that your total bets equal the amount you deposited. Otherwise, you may not be able to make withdrawals from your MEGA888 account.



Once your placed bets have been confirmed by MEGA888, they cannot be canceled by the online casino platform. However, when it is discovered that you have breached the MEGA888 rules by not abiding by the terms and conditions, the cancellation can occur.

The decisions made by MEGA888 is final and cannot be contested. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the online casino platform, you agree to accept their decisions as final. Therefore, registered users of MEGA888 and potential users of the online casino platform are encouraged to read the Terms and Conditions of the website thoroughly before agreeing to continue betting on MEGA888.    

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