Mega888 Tips for newbie players

Grace Ooi
July 20, 2020

Mega888 Tips for newbie players

For a newbie player to succeed at the various games that Mega888 has to offer, they must be adept at learning some tips and tricks from professional gamers. So that they can climb up the ladder quickly. 

This does not come to circumvent the protections that have been put in place by the superb Mega888 team who have worked their butts off to get this game to the public. But these are ethical tips that can be put into practice by all the players who join the Mega888 platform. 

There are a lot of players who have been professionally playing on Mega888’s sophisticated gaming platform and have achieved success at it.


Mega888 Tips: How to Win Real Money?

Mega888 Tips

1. Have a disciplined approach to the game

To understand discipline, you will need to understand the basic principle of being able to control your emotions while playing. The perfect player understands when to walk away and when not to. 

If you allow your emotions to control your playing styles, then you are bound to fail. As you will then allow greed to manipulate your thought process and you will end up making the wrong decisions. 

Patience is important

Exercising patience and discipline are the hallmarks of a great player. If you are looking at winning huge amounts in the Mega888 slot platform on a regular basis, it will take a lot of discipline on your part for you to get to such a stage. 

If you consider the playing patterns of the best gamblers in the world, you will see the unmistakable element of disciple undergirding their playing styles.

Getting to such a stage requires a lot of experience on the part of the player. You can either spend the time to gain this experience by yourself. Or you can watch successful players’ tactics and emulate them.

2. Use the bonuses and promotions to the maximum

As you get started, you will get free credit from Mega888 randomly. This occurs only when players officially register an account with Mega888 and deposit MYR 50 as well. When this happens, free credit is credited to your account.

The long and short of this is that you need to use the credit program wisely and you will be successful in game Mega888.

How to utilize the free bonus ?

Many players would like to increase their odds of winning games on Mega888 and rightly so. The way to do it is by utilizing the bonuses that Mega888 offers to the players. That’s right – most players do not know about these bonuses and that is why they suffer at the game.

There are certain criteria available though. At that point, the free credit will directly be used from your account without you having to request for it. And this increases your chances for winning the game. Using this free credit, one will have already got a huge head start in many of the slot games. Without even having to make any move like betting or even playing the game. Check out the Mega888 Bonus & Promotion Page to know more details!

3. Use the Free Credit Program to its limits

Many players like to increase their odds of winning games on Mega888 without spending any money and to your surprise such a way existed, which is utilizing the free credit program offer by Mega888 to the players. So how does it work? When you 1st register an ID, Mega888 rewards you with free credit and this can only happen when players officially register and verify an account with Mega888.

When this happens free credit will be transfer to your new account. You can use this free credit to get a huge head start in your game without even having to make deposit. You can also create multiple new account to repeat the process until on of the account wins money and use that money to grow more.

Mega888 also has a lot of seasonal bonuses where they will reward you with more Mega888 free credit during certain festivals. Other bonuses include referral bonus, reload bonus and even birthday bonus. Use all this bonus to your advantages and calculate your credit well.

4. Budgeting Is Everything

In every aspect, and we are not just talking about online casinos here. But every aspect of life, budgeting is the most important element. In the effort to build your online gambling career, budgeting is a necessary step. Budgeting, also known as bankroll management. It helps you keep track of your wins and losses and helps you make reasonable and rational decisions while gaming.

Budget As Rationale

In the gaming world, the rationale is the key. You do not want to blow up all of your money in the pursuit of a small profit. Lack of self-control is the most common factor in the downfall of every player. Before you enter a gaming session, it is important to sit down for a few minutes to map out your budget plans for the session.

It is crucial that this is done before the gaming session, not after. As after you sit down on a table, it is very likely that you will get too absorbed into the game. Or affected by your surroundings to abandon your budget altogether. Next time, before you go all in, think about the budget which you have planned, and know when to call it quits.

5. Learn Multi Tabling

Multi-tabling is when a player leaves multiple tabs open so that games can be run together at once. It can be done when playing simple games that do not require much of the player’s attention or control. However, for more experienced and advanced players, multi-tabling live table games is entirely possible. But the player would need the attention span and decision making the speed of a real professional.

6. Stay Updated

Mega888 goes through site maintenance once every month, to ensure that Mega888 is always safe and secure, it is also to ensure that all customer demands and feedback received from customer service to be attained as much as possible.

This is why all players need to keep themselves updated on future site maintenance and new upcoming content on Mega888 so that players are always up to date on what’s new and what’s changed in the game. You can do this by regularly visiting the official website or the Facebook page to keep a lookout on announcements. Follow us on mega888downloader to get the latest update regarding Mega888 to get the latest tips and Mega888 loopholes.



These are just a few tips to get you going on the game Mega888 when you play online. Remember to play responsibly and have fun.

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