What makes Mega888 so popular?

Grace Ooi
January 15, 2020


When we talk about online casino in Malaysia, the 1st thing that came across your mind will surely be Mega888. Mega888 has leave such a huge impact on the world of online casino that it is unavoidable that you heard of it’s name even if you are not a gambler yourself, which says a lot about the brand. Mega888 started operating since the beginning of the trend of online casino back in 2011 and has been praised non stop by online reviews, and honestly, we can’t really blame them? Since Mega888 was 1st introduced, not many competitor has been able to compete against it except for 918kiss, but that is a topic for another day.

Mega888 is blooming and is showing no signs of stopping

Based on the player based on Mega888 at the time of this writing is around 150,000 active user playing not include players outside of Malaysia. And the number of people registration isn’t showing signs of decreasing and in fact the number of people signing up has been blowing up exponentially. 

So what makes Mega888 so special that people couldn’t resist playing it? below are the listed reason we think that caused Mega888 to be this popular today. 

The choices of games available are mind-boggling


Mega888 offers countless online slots for your choosing, ranging up to 300+ available slots as of current date. Enough to get you stay interested for a very long time, each has it own unique theme and winning animation as well as different paylines and pay out. And if that’s wasn’t good enough, Mega888 has consistently came out with new content every month with new updates and new games available for free! We ensure that there is a slots that befits everyone in Mega888 just waiting to be discovered by you. 

We here in mega888downloader has came up a summary of the lists of Mega888 slots you should try out here as well as online slots that has the best payout according to our analysis you can read on the details on our previous article titled best payout slots in Mega888.

Secured Transactions


As online casino become more popular, it is unavoidable that someone will try to mimic fake sites to scam money in the market, this will eventually ruining the trust of people towards online casino. 

Therefore it is important that a trusted online casino must have a secure transactional process so that players can fully enjoy the game while not worried about their money being stolen. In Mega888 we put the player’s trust above everything else, ensuring that everyone in Mega888 gets their paid on time. 

You can verify Mega888 SSL Transaction license in the footer of Mega888 download page before proceeding to deposit money to ensure your safety.


 Player is King over at Mega888


In Mega888 we focus on serving our customer to the fullest potential, ensuring every customer that played our games to have a smile on their face, and all of this won’t be possible without the amazing support of Mega888 customer support. Mega888 customer support operate 24 hours a day 7 days per week to ensure that customer can get the support they need anytime of the day without worrying that nobody is online. We here in customer support also ensure that every problem is solved until we have permission from customer to hang up the phone, Don’t believe me? you can try our customer live support now on the right side corner live chat telegram and verify yourself,  we are looking forward to hear from you soon, say HI for us please. 

With so many benefits just from playing slots online shows that Mega888 is passionate in serving customer, what are you waiting for? try out Mega888 today by pressing the download button below.

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