How to become the best Mega888 Slots player

Grace Ooi
December 9, 2019

Mega888 slots


Ruling Mega888 Slots – Become the best player there is

How To Get Good At Mega888 Slots?

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Mega888 Slots is an online casino based slot game that has recently took over the online gambling world by storm. With today’s technology Mega888 has enable players to enjoy casino games on the comfort of their couch, with the tip of your finger you are able to access Mega888 any where any time you wish, and thus every changing how the world view the field of gambling forever.

This is the best time for new gambling enthusiast to join in the Mega888 hype and experience a new era of gambling, learn on how to become the best in Mega888 and earn ton of money in the process while having. 

With the vast selection of innovative slot games offered by Mega888, it is normal to feel overwhelm by the endless options in front of you, while not including the traditional casino games such as poker, fishing game, live casino and more available in mega888. In this article we will be teaching you on how to be good in Mega888 and hopefully help you win some extra money, so let’s get started.

Ultilize Mega888 Promotion 

Mega888 provides tons of bonus and promotion awaiting players to claim which includes welcome bonus, referral bonus, seasonal bonus, reload bonus and even birthday bonus. These bonus are made to attract more customer so do not waste them, use these bonus to earn as much money possible, making extra account to claim extra bonus is also considered one loophole in the system, although you need to double check through the terms and condition of Mega888 to avoid your account being banned.

Select the Slots with the highest payout

As mentioned before, there are a lot of online slots available in Mega888 each with different interface and different payout, some payout are higher than the others, you can check out on our post that list out which Mega888 slots has the highest payout here for more details. You can also check on the jackpot history to see which slots has the highest jackpot stats, recent research also found out that slots that recently hit jackpot will have a lower percentage of a higher payout compare to those that haven’t hit jackpot for a while. 

Ultilize The Free Test ID 

Mega888 also provide free test ID for new user to test out which online slots suits them the most without deposit, You can use this opportunity to learn and test out as many online slots as you can so that you are familiarized with the game as much as possible. Take note that you cannot withdraw any money from the Test ID even after you hit the jackpot, everything in the test ID is similiar to the real thing so that you can’t tell the difference between those two. You can get the Test ID here.

Control Your Emotion When Playing

Having a clear head is really important when playing online casino games, especially when money is involved, we tend to be more anxious and irrational when making decision, which caused preventable loses, If you are obsessed with the sole purpose of winning more money than you have then you have succumb to your desire to greed, which will eventually lead you to your demise. 

A relaxed mind will have a clear head

We advise you to stop when you noticed that your emotions are starting to take over, close the game and have a rest 1st then continue later. When your mind is relaxed, that is when you are at your best. 

Everything requires time and patience, and a mastery of Mega888 is no exception to this rule. Get your Mega888 official account and start practicing it, leverage the free credit option that Mega888 gives. You can learn more about Mega888 tips for beginners here. 

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