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Grace Ooi
June 22, 2020



From the works of Akira Kurosawa to various game and manga adaptations of the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. Samurais have always been prevalent in pop culture. 

Even centuries after the age of samurai, the old swordsmen of japan are still relevant today. Samurai acting as the symbol for discipline, the path to mastering a specific martial art, persistence, and skill. When we think about loyal soldiers dedicating their lives to protect a master, we think of samurais. 

A katana sheathed on their waist and a straw hat for bonus cool points, they roam the streets with swagger. Everyone looks up to these people because they represent the ultimate form of soldiers. Loyalty, respect to authority and equipped for survival against any form of threat. 

Available In Mega888

Available In Mega888

Silent Samurai Slot Game Features


If you love samurai, and cannot get enough of them, whether it be the
aesthetics attached to this culture or their way of life, then we have good news for you. 

The silent samurai slot game is available to be played at this online casino website.

Mega888 is the best online casino in the entire world, it is based in Asia. Its reputation far exceeds borders, all the way across the ocean to the western realm as well. 

Mega888 going the way of the samurai

Much like the image of samurais, which had found its way into western cartoons such as the famous samurai jack produced by cartoon network.  

This online casino website is reliable, trustworthy, and proved to be the pinnacle of outstanding service in the entertainment industry. The online casino offers a wide range of entertainment content. Includes slot games, fishing games, poker games, baccarat games, and many, many more. 

amblers in Southeast Asia especially enjoy playing with this gambling site, here they are consistently ranked as top 1 online casinos by online gamers. Mega888 Game Security, customer service, game, and casino design are all cited as praise in the overwhelmingly positive reviews about Mega888.

Silent Samurai Slot Game Features

Silent Samurai is another fine addition to the already impressive catalog of slot games available to be played at Mega888. The game features 5 axes, 25 pay line slots, tons of free spins, and bonus rounds. When you are playing silent samurai, expect an unusually high win rate, and a fun and addicting time. 

Recreating the shogun era

The golden aesthetics that are so prevalent during the shogun era, which champions the color gold as fortune, are present in this game. Not to mention gorgeous geishas keeping you company and mythical treasures waiting to be discovered. Silent Samurai is not a game that simply awes its audiences. It is also here to propose a challenge for anyone willing to put their gambling skills to the test.

5/5 Rating

In Takehiko Inoue’s most prominent work in his entire career — vagabond. The iconic Miyamoto Musashi acts as the protagonist of this sprawling tale of self-improvement and swords mastery. He had been quoted in the manga by saying “Think only of your art.” 

We think that’s beautiful. Silent samurai has proven that slot games can be an art form as well, it is certainly here to stay. We rate it a perfect five out of five stars, visit Mega888 today and use the Mega888 test ID to check it out by yourself!

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