Mega888 Motorcycle Monkey Slots Review

Grace Ooi
January 8, 2021


Do you enjoy the thrilling experience of a bike ride in real life? Are you a true motorbike racing fan? Do you wish to experience the excitement of bike racing in a virtual space? Then, this game is designed perfectly for you! By playing this game, you stand a chance of spinning your way to a non-progressive jackpot of one thousand coins!

This game was developed by the popular gaming company, iSoftBet. In the bonus round of the motorbike monkey slot game, you can spin your way through the race track, collect free spins, look for multipliers, get wild wins and instant bonuses. However, you must ensure that you keep an eye on those annoying monkeys designed to send you out of the tracks. This gaming design is one of a kind — something we have probably never witnessed before.

Your reels are positioned in metal, and it looks like the wings of Hell’s Angels when viewed from the top. Beyond your reels are tracks that look dusty like a real-life racing track, which gives you that feeling of actually driving in a physical track. At the bottom end of the screen, you will see a display of all your betting choices as well as the balance in your account. The mirrors that appear on your wing are designed to showcase all your earnings and bonuses, and the designs are wonderful and alluring to the eyes.



The Motorbike Monkey slot machine has five reels with twenty-five pay lines. Gamers can place bets for a low as 0.01 per line, or they can bet a maximum of.0.05 per line. However, when you include the coins that can be staked along with your actual bet, it can make the values of your spin skyrocket. The highest amount of coins you are allowed to use is 125. Also, the more bets you place, the higher the cost of the bet. But the advantage is that when you place more bets, you are likely going to win higher amounts of money.

This game provides gamers with an auto spin feature. With this feature, you can decide not to participate in the race and just sit back as a passenger. The machine automatically helps you during racing. You must ensure that you place your first bet and select the number of spins you want the game to play for you automatically. If you are not satisfied with the manner or pace at which the game is going, you can decide to quit at any point.



Easy To Play

Getting to understand the basics and even the intricacies of the Motorbike Monkey slot game is relatively easy. All you need to do to begin the game and play is to know how to use the buttons positioned on the Motorbike’s dashboard.




You will find numerous features and symbols in Motorbike Monkey. Therefore, it is important to describe what the symbols on your reels indicate.

Four Monkey characters are found on a motorbike, and there is another monkey — called a grease monkey — that fixes the motorbike when it breakdown, and the normal card values of 10, J, Q, K, and A — which are all made form banana skins in the game. Other important symbols you will find in Motorbike Monkey are:

I. Free Spin Symbol: the free spin bonus can be triggered if four of these symbols become aligned with each other.

II. Wild: the Wild symbol can substitute the other symbols except for the free spin symbol. This Wild symbol helps in creating winning combinations for the gamer.

III. Motorbike Monkeys: for you to stand a chance of getting this bonus, you must place the maximum amount of bet. When you qualify, all you are required to do is to collect the Motorbike Monkeys immediately they emerge on winning lines. When you have gathered three or six Motorbike Monkeys, you will be given two options: trade the monkeys for cash rewards or keep them with you if you are focused on hitting the jackpot.




Motorbike Monkey online casino slot game can be technically categorized into two classes: A progressive jackpot slot machine and a non-progressive slot machine. The reason is that you can end up winning a whooping one thousand coins by spinning in the five-of-kind red motorbike monkey.

However, if you choose to gather the monkeys on your reels, you will get a chance to continue collection until you reach the last bonus level. Whatever you get at the last bonus level becomes yours to keep.


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