Mega888 Online Slots

Grace Ooi
December 17, 2019

Mega888 Online Slots

What Is Mega888 Online Slots

Mega888 online slots is one of the well known online casino in Asia. As technology advances, online casino has slowly taking over the world of gambling due to the accessibility it possesses. Mega888 has become a brand that represent online casino currently and is showing no signs of stopping. It has become a platform where people from all over the world come together and enjoy their time playing  gambling games. Although  most of the users of website are from Asian region but as time passes it’s starting to spread worldwide and is targeting to become an international brand.  

So, what is exactly Mega888? And how it took Asia’s online gambling field by storm and in such a short notice? Below are the listed reasons why Mega888 is so obsessed by the people.

Mobile Accessibility

Mega888 understands that the main problem for gambling business today is that it is not accessible in most countries across Asia. Even so, people don’t always have the time to travel all the way to a nearby casino just to have fun, especially working class citizens. Mega888 takes this opportunity and create their own online platform and has created a trusted online casino that people recognized. Mega888 is now available for all mobile devices, including iOS and Android, you can learn how to download Mega888 with this step by step download guide.

 Feature Games On Mega888

This platform is home to more than hundreds of online slots games that you can play anywhere as long as you have internet access. These games are super addictive and leave you wanting to play more! The graphics and the quality of games are exceptional that add to your experience of playing these games. Some of the most played games on Mega888 are listed below. We here in Mega888downloader will keep you updated on all the latest online slots Mega888 has to offer.


Monkey Story Slots

Monkey Story Mega888

Monkey Story Slots is a slot based on the theme “journey to the west” an old Chinese folklore which tells of a Monkey King wreaking havoc on the heavens. You will be assisting Wu Kong our monkey king to take down the heaven’s empire by hitting jackpot by guessing which character will light up once the wheel spins stop on the sides, You can also control when the wheel stop, as shown on the screen shot. Depending on the color and the characters you hit you will have different pay out. Monkey Story Slots is currently Mega888 top ranking slots and still is the most played online slots during the time of this writing.


Lucky Duck Slot

lucky duck mega888

A uniquely themed slot game featuring the famously known Lucky Duck that everyone has loved in Mega888. You can win Mega888 easily in this game by dividing three or more symbols on the pay line. Wild cards and duck-shaped symbols represents bonus symbols These are the symbols that you must look out for if you want to win big! you can refer the game instruction below for the payout lines.

lucky duck instruction


Lost Island Slots

lost island mega888

This slots features a “Mayan Temple” theme along with alphabets and ancient ruins.  This slot game features mystic symbols along with alphabets and numbers. Aim for the scatters for extra spins and bonuses. Similar to all the slots of Mega888 you also need to be familiar with the paylines in order to be familiar with the possible winning pattern combination, aim for the WILD to trigger BIG WIN for a huge winning spike as shown on the screen shot below.

Lost Island big win



Ireland Slots

ireland mega888 slots

Ireland Slots is a theme based on Ireland culture which features Lucky charms and leprechauns, what’s there not to love about this online slot game? The whole slots is designed on basic green the color of clovers which is a common symbol for luck in Ireland, try your luck on Ireland slots only on Mega888! 


Fruit VS Candy Slots

fruit vs candy mega888 slots

This slots is based on the familiar game candy crush we love so much back in the days. This game contain all the colorful fruits and candy that just spells YUMMY out loud. This game also has many features that result in high winning, such as free spins, scatter and BIG WIN. 


Dolphin Reef Slots

dolphine reef mega888 online slots

This is another one of the most played slots game on Mega888. This slots feature marine life symbolizing different scores. Enjoy spinning the wheel while wild and majestic marine life swim across your screen with stunning animation made by Mega888.  Witness 3D dolphin jumping out of your screen when you trigger free spins and more! try out dolphin reed slots today!

dolphin reef


So, these are the listed slots we here in Mega888downloader think that you must try out. There are so many slots awaiting you to try out, each with different design and stunning animation, you can also claim Mega888 free bonus here and try out yourself today. What are you waiting for? Click on the download button below and experience a whole new world of online gambling.

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