Is SCR888 A Scam

Grace Ooi
June 9, 2020



Online gaming provides a whole new experience for gamblers when compared to going to game houses to play, this is because the internet connects everyone from all across the world; from the comfort of your home, with clicks on your devices, you can plug into a wide range of entertainment with games of your choice and still stand several chances to bag prizes.

One of such platforms where players can enjoy unlimited fun and win lots of cash is the SCR888 casino. SCR888 is a popular Malaysian online casino with dominance in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia; the casino offers both novice and professionals an amazing online gaming experience, that keeps them glued to their devices playing all of their favourite games to their satisfaction.

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SCR888 online casino has live casinos and several categories of games for players to enjoy; you can sit in your home in the cool of the evening and relax from the day’s work with a fast-paced, high stakes poker session with players and dealers that are also sitting in their living room halfway across the world.

The casino is easily accessible; with stable internet and using compatible devices, you can log into their site and have the time of your life. promotional campaign and bonus packages are one of a kind in the Asian online gaming market. The casino has tight security measures to protect customers’ information, and the 24/7 customer care service makes the casino a reliable one.


Since technology came into being and most things have become digitized, many people are looking for opportunities to exploit others, hence the name scam. Several online platforms are being duplicated and people who are unaware and naïve fall victim to these fraudsters, such is the case with SCR888.

Online casinos are numerous, some of them are reliable, and some of are not; the latter is just out there to rob people of their money, and many have fallen prey. SCR888, however, is one of the most reliable online casinos it is ranked as one of the best online casinos available in the whole of Asia. 

Fortunately, there are no SCR888 Scam cases up to today. The name SCR888 is especially prominent in the southeast region of the Asian continent, and due to its reliability, impeccability, and consistency, this online casino has since extended its reach to other parts of the world.

Dedicated to making gaming go beyond fun, SCR888 constantly improves on the quality of games they provide to make players have an online gaming experience that is profitable to them.

The Popular and Trusted Online Casino

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SCR888 is a name that is known among Asian players to bring great fortune to their registered members; most of the reviews online about SCR888 have positive feedback, making it one of the most loved and trusted online casinos available globally. 

Fan praise the game collections, the quality, design, easy user interface and ease of access on mobile devices; the security service and customer care units of the online casino are also laudable.

Due to the increasing prominence, fraudulent people have come up with sites with similar names to deceive players into making deposits into their sites and scamming them in return. D

ue to these reports, the SCR888 casino made some adjustments and rebranded their site to what is now known as 918Kiss; however, because it is an online platform, it is still prone to be duplicated by scammers. 

All of these similar sites make it difficult for players to access the real sites and players fall, the victim.

What Makes An Online Casino A Scam

SCR888 is not a scam, but these sites which pose as the real online casino make it difficult for players to have that fun-filled, efficient, effective, quality and secure online gaming experience. These counterfeit sites have no valid license to operate a casino, they steal players’ money and blame it on agents. These fake sites are numerous and it becomes a problem to keep tabs of all of them and bring them down; those which have been identified have been blacklisted by all reputable online casino review sites, here are a few of the sites


These sites are considered high risk and potentially dangerous to deal with; they are unregulated, unreliable and they are known for abusing set rules and regulations governing the activities of casinos online. 

The customer care unit of the legally authorized SCR888 casino receives reports on a daily basis from players complaining that these illegal sites scam players out of their winnings and money. 

Where are the scams usually located?

The major targets of these scam sites are Asian players from Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, amongst others. Players are advised to carefully assess these sites before venturing into them, so as not to fall victim; the ones with same names have all been blacklisted.

To make sure you are participating with a regulated and verified casino, look out for the ease of access of information on who the owners of the gambling company, reviews and what they stand for. Insufficient information on a certain platform is a sign that the company might be fake and your money is in the wrong hands. 

Be sure to avoid any casino that is not licensed or regulated, because it would soon go under with people’s cash.

SCR888 is an international online casino company that is legally functional; it is registered by SOLEI in Island Casino Ltd. wholly owned and operational. Their games and all of what they offer are island license issued by the Asian government, and their businesses are in the offline Control monitored by gaming Council. 

Here are some of the features of SCR888 that prove them unique and reliable, showing that the online casino is not a scam.


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SCR888 is a legitimate and licensed online casino which is perfectly safe for players to get the maximum entertainment and winnings from the games they love. Security is a top priority at SCR888, aside from providing players with the best gaming experience, it is also important that the details of registered members are kept safe and secure from getting into wrong hands.

The casino uses stringent, reliable, world-class security systems and firewalls to keep intrusions away. Delivering top-quality games to consumers is pointless if they do not get the safest and most secure gaming experience, that is why the site invests in obtaining and sustaining the best security protocol for customers.

Easy Access To Every Game

Players should be able to access all of the games at ease and without any cause for alarm when they make deposits or bag any win; SCR888 has been proven to be the most reliable and safest online casino all across the Asian continent for the past years of existence.

Several online casino review sites and blogs, as well as licensing and accreditation organizations, have approved SCR888 as safe and secure for gamblers. More is still being done to beef up security on the platform and avoid players being victims of scammers. SCR888 value customers, and since their details and personal information are fed into the casino database, they ensure it stays that way; players’ privacy and security are assured.

How well protected is SCR888?

The level of protection provided by SCR888 is of international standard; the security systems are regularly vetted to ensure there is no breach; they have accreditation from several licensed providers, which shows their reliability.

The application software provides a two-way authentication linking between the casino app and customers’ email; the casino also has secure payment gateways for players such as Eeziepay and Help2pay, to avoid players’ money or card details being stolen. 128-bit encryption for customers’ information and account management is also provided to keep customers safe and secure. Customers can play without fear of losing valuable information as the casino is safe and secure.

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SCR888 does monthly site maintenance to keep the site free of scammers and constantly updated. These maintenance processes take a few hours, and players are informed of the temporary closure and are urged to stay patient while the maintenance is carried on. A pop up on the official SCR888 website also comes up to alert users on future maintenance, site updates, new game releases and emergency bug fixes to keep players informed and updated.

SCR888 guarantees users and even first-timers unique, quality, recent and secure gaming experience. The official site is safe and secure and gives you the best experience you would ever get in any Asian casino.

There are lots of bonuses and promotions available once you sign up; there is the starter pack, first deposit bonus and welcome bonus, as well as free credits giveaways to play some of your favourite games on the site for free. The site is backed up with several legally authorized terms and conditions that prove them real. Before signing up to the website, be sure you are on the official websites and do not be swayed by counterfeit sites with similar names, whose primary motive is to rob you of your cash.

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