Why Is SCR888 The Best Online Slots

Grace Ooi
June 9, 2020

scr888 online casino review

SCR888 is the most well-known mobile slot game in Asia with a large array of addictive online slot games. SCR888 has emerged as a household name in the gambling industry in Malaysia due to its reliability and credibility, especially in Malaysia and Singapore.

SCR888 has been in operation in Malaysian online casino for a very long time, and they could usually be found in an underground kiosk-based casino (so-called “Kedai Mesin” in Malaysia). They are always up to date with the latest and advanced slot games to meet the demands of gaming enthusiasts. Therefore, they achieved an accredited status for providing fantastic gambling experiences to their players.

With the constant improvements made on SCR888 slots which come with a newly improved gaming interface, graphics, and sound system, we can confidently say that their online slots can never lose out in the online casino market in the long run.

Why SCR888 is considered to be the best online slot in Malaysia?

Stable Betting System In SCR888

One of the factors that account for the great success of SCR888 online casino is that they have invested a large amount of capital into IT development, thus making its online betting system to be one of the most stable in the market as compared to other closest competitors like MEGA888 online casino Malaysia.

SCR888 Malaysia also provides one of the highest progressive jackpots payouts for every lucky casino player to grab the prizes home. They give everyone equal chances of winning away hundreds of thousands of cash jackpots from mobile casino games on your smartphone devices.

Top Quality Slot Machine Games

In Malaysia, there are some particular slot games that are considered to be favourite to a majority of casino game players. Most of these games are available in SCR888. The casino players favourite slot games in SCR888 includes the following:

Highway Kings

918kiss highway kings

This game tends to be one of the easiest-to-win slot games around the world. The game was first developed by Playtech. Players of SCR888’s highway spin finds it easier to get free bonus spins and 5-of-a -kind.

Great Blue

playtech great blue

This game was developed by Playtech. It is a very popular slot game, known for its free bonus games and mini-games to determine the number of free spins and winning multiplier.

Wukong: Battle World

918kiss battle world

This game is one of the most played multiplayer slot game in Malaysia. With the advent of online casinos, players will rather they play on their mobile phones rather than on land-based kiosk. In mobile devices, despite the size of the screen, SCR888 is still able to maintain the graphic quality in terms of game layout.

Dolphin Reef

dolphin reef gameplay

The game design of this slot game was improved on by SCR888 to bring an even more classic feel as a reward to its fans. There is a high rate of winning, and not just winning, but winning big.

To enjoy these fantastic mobile games, all you are required to do is to download the game application onto your iOS or Android devices and play without boundaries.

Easily Accessible

SCR888 allows you to enjoy the best excitement from your slot game at any time and place convenient for you. All you need to have is a steady and stable internet connection to access the SCR888 application. The application is designed such that it is very easy to access.

User-Friendly Interface

This is another great benefit of SCR888. Its user-friendly nature allows for anyone to easily figure out how to use the application when they are exploring it for the very first time.


The customer services rarely receive calls requesting for technical support or guidance on figuring out how to play SCR888 online slot casino. This is because the interface is very simple and direct, they just click inside and choose which slots they want to play and it makes players feel comfortable in using it.

Safety and Security

Another key factor in the decision of what makes an online casino the best is in the aspect of security. This factor is not taken lightly in SCR888 online slots; the casino uses stringent, reliable, world-class security systems and firewalls to keep intrusions away. These intruders could come in the form of hackers; therefore, the best security measures are put in place to prevent any means of hacking. SCR888 value customers, and since their details and personal information are fed into the casino database, they ensure it stays that way; players’ privacy and security are assured.

scr888 online slot casino

The level of protection provided by SCR888 online slot is of international standard; the security systems are regularly vetted to ensure there is no breach; they have accreditation from several licensed providers, which shows their reliability. The application software provides a two-way authentication linking between the casino app and customers’ email; the casino also has secure payment gateways for players such as Eeziepay and Help2pay. 128-bit encryption for customers’ information and account management is also provided to keep customers safe and secure.

All of these security measures and constant reviews have since proven the credibility and reliability of SCR888; there has been no case of breach of security in the casino, and they intend to keep it that way. Customers can play without fear of losing valuable information as the casino is safe and secure.

Gifts and Free Credits

Every gambler would love it when given a surprise gift, at SCR888 slots, free red packet gifts are given out with credits in arbitrary games without needing you to deposit into the game.

Apart from that, dynamic and progressive jackpots can be won from the slot games, and this is the greatest payout one can get to receive when compared with other jackpots in the online industry. Unlike the regular customary jackpots which have a fixed sum, progressive and dynamic jackpots do not have fixed sums and the prizes will be aggregated and accumulated when more players are playing. 


SCR888 Welcome Bonus

scr888 online casino

To win the trusts of many customers, SCR888 slots offer a great welcome bonus for its new customers that are joining their online slots for the first time. This bonus can be used by players to try their luck even without depositing a cent. Players now get to experience the excitement that SCR888 offer without having to pay first.

This is because, at SCR888, they understand the ‘customer experience comes first concept’. After experiencing the excitement that comes with SCR888 slots, they can then be confident about all that SCR888 promised to offer. Customers trust is gained in this way, and this, in turn, will move SCR888 to fully invest in their live online casino.


Flexible Betting Platform with High Winning Payout

These are the most important reasons why you should play SCR888 slot games despite countless casino products in the market. Firstly, SCR888 provides a flexible and convenient centralized betting platform to benefit all slot game players in Malaysia.

A player would find it very simple and easy to download SCR88 mobile slot games on their smartphones, which is 100% free of charge. Secondly, SCR888 Casino offers the highest winning payout policy amongst all other slot game products in Malaysia, thus making players easier to win big cash during the games.


They Do Not JUST Have Slots

At SCR888, they do not just have only slot games available, they also have table games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and many others. The live casinos at SCR888 online slots come with a live dealer of your choice.

scr888 online slot

You place your bet with this live dealer, wager on a legit roulette wheel and play on a genuine blackjack table, all these are for your taking in just one application. The application is available for both iOS and Android.



SCR888 has been around for years and is planning to stay that way and with its great features and gifts it offers to its customers, it is safe to say that 918kiss remains one of the finest online casinos Asia has to offer. It will always remain the first choice among players when it comes to placing betting and winning. Amid an array of options available to them, players choose SCR888 over the other leading casinos.

SCR888 casino dominates the market due to its collection games and big winning odds. It offers players a cutting-edge gaming experience. Also, players can play SCR888 free play before placing the real bet. It provides players with the most rewarding and pleasant online casino gaming practice laced with interactive customer services and facilities.

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