The world of gambling has since moved from conventional land-based casinos experience to online casinos. These online-based casinos have gained prominence in the whole of Malaysia and the world at large; this is because these casinos offer a similar experience as to a land-based casino even at a more convenient place; with online casinos, you can bring the atmosphere of land-based casinos home, you can play casino games anywhere and anytime. Online casinos save you the stress of searching for a land-based casino to enjoy casino games, and also the cost of transportation can be channelled to other sources as you do not need to travel. Various online casinos in Malaysia offer amazing benefits and gives customers maximum entertainment; each casino has specific terms and conditions that apply to ensure proper service is given players, and that players, in turn, are well guided. Different casinos have distinct procedures but they generally follow certain principle; this article is aimed at educating players (novice or professionals) on the ultimate guide to play in any online casino in Malaysia.


the advent of technology, resources are pulled towards achieving better and easier ways of doing things; this is the case in the world of gambling. Conventionally, people had to travel to land-based casinos to play games; however, the world has since shifted from the convention to a more relaxed way of gambling, which has birthed online casinos.

These casinos have become the norms in the world of gambling because they offer the land-based casino experience with just a click on your computer, tablet, or phone. All of the shortcomings posed by land casinos have been tackled with the advent of online casinos; you do not have to travel all the way to a land casino to play casino games.

Online casinos offer a robust structure for players; aside from the convenience, they have larger betting sizes, variety of games, and other special offers. From your home or wherever you are, with your devices, you get to enjoy your favourite casino games and still connect with various players around the world.

Most of these online casinos put several structures in place to ensure players have opportunities to win; promotions and lower house edges are a few of these structures. One such online casinos in the world today, which has also gained popularity, is 918Kiss.


Understanding is key for excellence; before you start any activity, a good understanding of what it entails and how to successfully carry out the process towards a goal is needed, such is the case when playing on online casinos. Players need a good knowledge on the different online casinos in Malaysia and what they offer, before deciding on which to join; they are expected to look up bonuses, promotions, wager conditions, and most importantly, the games available, to better influence their decision. Every casino provides information on their rules, terms, conditions and manner of running the casino; players are expected to access every detail before venturing into that casino. Review their games as well as the house edges to know opportunities in place for you to win.


The collection of casino games is numerous and more are still being created; some of these games are similar while others are specific to a certain online casino. Since the games are somewhat the highlight of every online casino, it is expedient for players to read up on the games available in these casinos and also find out tips to win; aside from playing the games for fun, you certainly want to also earn some cash. Games are grouped into types and categories, they range from slots to table games, video poker, and speciality games; players are advised to choose the ones that suit their preference. The golden rule of every casino game in Malaysia is to know the rules of every game; read and understand the rules of each game, so you do not make costly mistakes. Online casinos in Malaysia provide a wide range of games and they are inexhaustible; these games can be enjoyed with the click of your mouse from the comfort of your home. For easy wins, target games with a low house edge.


Several online casinos with different deals exist in Malaysia; all of them offering players tempting benefits to make them their members. At this point, you can be overwhelmed as to which online casino to work with; you do not have to worry, calm down, go through a list of online casinos available and weigh your options. You could map out certain qualities you desire and use them as benchmarks in your selection; compare, contrast before settling for which offers a better deal than others. Players are often advised to join at least two gambling sites to expand your access to a variety of games and several rewards.


Online casinos are money-making platforms as much as they are for entertainment purposes; players of any online casino in Malaysia have bankroll where they deposit money from where they place a wager on any game, they are therefore expected to make money too. Fraud is normal in our present society especially on online platforms; before joining an online casino, it is important for you to study their payment options. Be sure not to join a fraudulent site that would rob you of your money; read up on their payment methods to ascertain authenticity, reliability and easy accessibility.


Due to the plethora of online casinos operating in Malaysia, and the distinct packages each offer, there is a form of ranking; based on certain requirements, online casinos are graded and the best are selected. Some of the requirements by which online casinos are filtered in Malaysia range from security to customer services, legal duties, online facilities and safe payment platforms. The best online casinos provide impeccable services for players to get the most out of every game; they also protect their customers by investing in strong security to prevents customers’ information from getting into wrong hands. The best online casinos have a history of reliable services; here are a few of them:



This casino was formerly known as 96 slots; it is one of the best online casino platform in Malaysia that offers a wide range of gaming products to players. It is well-known for providing a safe and secure space online to satisfy gamblers all over Malaysia. Maxim88 boasts a remarkable player base across the country due to its endless attraction, top trend gaming community, and tempting promotion for players. It caters to the gambling and gaming needs of customers within the country, offering several platforms for players to win amazing prices; welcome bonuses for first-timers, VIP packages, jackpots, competitions during the festive season to bring together players during the holidays, and many more. Maxim88 casino also has an online betting centre for sports lovers, and live casinos across the country, where players get to play with real dealers and other players right from their homes.


bk8 online casino malaysia

Bk8 casino is also one of the best casinos in Malaysia; it has a wide collection of games and stretches to many other services such as sports betting, fishing, and lottery games. Players have the luxury of choosing from several categories of games available; this is sometimes a hassle, as the games are numerous. BK8 has a live casino, which holds the record of being one of the best in the country; the live casino offers a turnover bonus of MYR1288, several bonuses and promotions for players, and a free first bet for first-timers. The site was designed by experienced software developers such that it is easy to use, and its graphics and video quality allows players to have a smooth enjoyable ride when playing any of the games available. The casino website is also available in different languages, making the casino open for all and sundry; i.e. despite the casino being a Malaysian casino, it is available to other countries.  


eclbet online casino

This online casino is a fast-rising casino established four years ago in Malaysia. ECLBet has a database of over half a million players around the globe. It offers sports players an avenue for sports betting alongside the numerous fun-filled casino games available. The casino has a reputation of providing maximum security and safety to each member, and has a standing slogan ‘play at the safest casino’; their security system is at its highest. The services provided in ECLBet range from constant sports update, virtual sports betting games, slot games to the 4D lottery. They also provide customers loads of benefits and bonuses which makes the casino even more appealing to join; an attractive stream of bonuses and promotions keep players coming. These bonuses and promotions include daily jackpot, welcome bonuses, weekly rebate, referral bonuses and many others. ECLBet also has live casinos for players and they operate at a 24/7 basis to attend to players at any time of the day.



918kiss is a well-known online casino in Asia; it was launched in 2015. Formerly called SCR888, the casino was upgraded and rebranded to what is now known as 918kiss. 918kiss provides a whole new level of online gaming experience for players and has gained prominence in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. The casino has shown significant influence in providing people with that land-based casino experience right from the comfort of their homes. 918kiss offers incentives to players and first-timers to keep the gaming experience refreshing, interesting and challenging.

New players are entitled to a welcome bonus of RM150 while all players get amazing promotions, such as the daily reload bonus of up to RM100 to spice up the games. The casino has a record of reliability, impeccability, and consistency, which has kept them ahead of their game in the last five years. The casino provides fantastic gaming experience for die-hard casino lovers and even novice; the customer service and standard security status has pooled players over the years, ranking the casino as one of the best ten online casinos available.

918kiss has a reputation for not only having a vast collection of games in terms of quantity but also of top quality as so much has been and is still being put into the game collections to make them up to players’ demand and taste. The casino strikes a balance between the number of games they have and the quality of each of these games. 918kiss has lots of games ranging from slot games, fishing games, and other live table games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette.  


scr888 online casino

This online casino is a popular Malaysian online casino with dominance in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The casino offers both novice and professionals an amazing online gaming experience. It has now been rebranded to 918kiss casino; despite the rebranding, it has not since failed to present players with efficient, effective and quality online gaming experience. SCR888 online casino has live casinos and several categories of games for players to enjoy. Their promotional campaign and bonus packages are one of a kind in the Asian online gaming market. The casino has tight security measures to protect customers’ information, and the 24/7 customer care service makes the casino a reliable one


Royal77 casino

Royal77 casino is one of the best online casinos in Asia; it deals in various games such as sports betting, live dealer casino and slot-based games. A constant upgrade is done on the services provided by this online casino to uphold their standard as one of the continent’s best.

The upgrade includes maximum security systems, effective payment methods, improved bonus system, round the clock service and the introduction of new and exciting games, events and promotion. The casino has the most sophisticated security systems ever; all activities from registration to betting are all safe, fair and secure.


xe88 online casino

XE88 was birthed two years ago, and since its inception, it is seen to grow rapidly among other online casinos available in Malaysia. With over a hundred games and more than a million updates to their android application software, XE88 has offered customers the best gaming experience in just a short while. Their games range from slot types to rotating arcade and table card games.

Players have several opportunities to hit it big on this casino; slot games available are Panther Moon, Halloween Fortune, Aladdin Wishes, Black Jack, Baccarat, Great Blue and many more. The casino is based on Asian culture and offers the most enjoyable experience for various Malaysians in the world. For any player looking for a reliable and attractive online casino, XE88 is the best bet; it can be accessed on various devices like the ios and Andriod devices, and the games can be played at any time, anywhere.


mega888 online casino

Mega888 is one of the best online casino operational in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia. The casino has a lot of live games, table and slot games. This casino is easily accessible on personal computers, and on ios and android devices.

The casino offers its members the best services which keep them running in; due to its impeccable services, their customer base has extended all across Asia to other parts of the world. Mega888 has one of the best video quality games with amazing soundtracks to follow, giving players a refreshing and entertaining feeling as they play. Some of their games are Poker Three, Ocean King, African Wildfire, Motorbike, Alice, and Robin Hood; all of these games and more keep players glued to their devices all day.


nova88 casino

For over a decade, NOVA88 has been providing players with thrilling casino experience right from their homes. It was formerly known as Maxbet and IBCBet. before it was upgraded to NOVA88. The casino is one of the leading online casinos in Malaysia which offers customers a wide range of games such as slots, roulette and even sports games. The casino is legal and safe, players do not have to worry about any issues, and are to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment with NOVA88. This casino exists on the web and can be downloaded on mobile devices.


The most exciting part of online casinos in Malaysia is the games collection of most of these casinos; the games are the beauty of the casinos; they are what pull players to or from your casinos. Players are looking for ways to relaxed and be entertained, therefore any casino with the ability to ease them of their stress with the amazing games they have to offer will most certainly gain players’ patronage.  Games are classified into broad categories and most casino games available online are common to various online casinos such as slots games, table games, video poker, live casino games and many more. Others are specific to certain casinos and more are still be created to keep constantly meet the changing taste of customers.


Live dealer casinos in Malaysia provide players with the opportunity to play with real dealers and players and not some randomly generating numbers; the players are real, the dealers are real, the room and every inch involved in the live casinos are real. This brings players to a similar atmosphere as in a land-based casino, right from their homes. The live dealer casino games are numerous, entertaining and thrilling; the games are easy to play and are very interactive. It also gives players room to connect with other players all over the world. Your device and a stable internet source are all you need to go. Some of the live dealer casino games available in most live casinos in Malaysia are:


This is a popular online live dealer casino game, played around the world. Lots of players enjoy the varieties of blackjack because the games collection are highly energetic and it requires players to have a great deal of skill and strategy. Some of the blackjack games available are classic blackjack, blackjack double exposure, pontoon and blackjack Switch.


Baccarat is also one of the best and popular games available in most live dealer casinos. It is a card game played between two hands, the player and the banker. Prominent examples of the variables of this game type are baccarat and super 6 baccarat. A range of $5 – $2500 is usually staked on this live casino game.


BIDME is a baccarat variety created by Allbet Gaming; it has similar rules as those of the classic baccarat type. The underlying difference is in the approach of the revealing cards; the cards are revealed differently at certain stages of the game but other rules of baccarat still remain.


Poker is a card game where players bet on which hand is the best according to the rules of the game. It is a popular live casino dealer game and often makes use of a standard deck configuration during rounds of betting. The rules of the game vary with casinos.


The word Roulette is French and it means little wheel. Roulette is a live dealer casino game where players place bets on either a single number or various group of numbers, with different colours and whether or not the numbers are odd, even, high or low. Common examples of Roulette are American and European Roulette types.


Sic Bo is also called Tai Sai; it is of Chinese origin and is a game of dice played in most live casino dealers. Players place a wager on certain conditions that will be met at the roll of three dies. The English versions are Grand hazard and Chuk-a-luck.


The Dragon Tiger is an online live dealer game often described as the two-card version of Baccarat. It is easy to play and is fast growing in most online live dealer casinos. Dragon Tiger offers players a quick opportunity to win as it is played in a split of 25seconds.  


This online live dealer game is a well-known game sometimes called bullfight; it is popular in China and Southeast Asia. In the game, the dealers draw the first card to determine how they would deal the other cards for three players and themselves. Double or equal bets are staked on the card in players’ hands.


This online live game is based on poker. Three cards are dealt with the croupier and the players as heads up; the croupier’s hands must be Queen high or better for the dealer hand to play. If the dealer plays, the dealer hand and player hands are compared, otherwise, there is no action on the play wager.  


Also called the big six wheel of fortune, the game involves spinning a large vertical wheel divided into equal sections with a particular number to determine wins. The wheel is spun by a croupier and the section at the top where a player stops the wheel is the winner.



These games are associated with fruit machines and are also called single payline slots. The games available include high five, pub fruity and bundle jungle blackjack bonanza.


These are also fruit machines games called the 3 reels 3 payline slots. Examples of these game types are flower power, slot of fortune, reels Royce etc.


These games involve 3 or 5 reels; the 3 reel machines are called classic slots, and they offer 5 pay lines for players to have more winning combinations.


In this slot type, players activate 8 lines and bets a certain amount of coins (usually between 0.10 to 0.20) on each of the lines per spin.


These category consists only video slots, with clear and quality graphics accompanied with great sounds. The most amazing part of these slots types is the tremendous jackpots available for players.


Ten is a perfect number for game designers; it is a great multiplier that can easily be used to calculate wagers. Slot players find the 10 paylines more convenient.


5 reel 15 payline slots are accessible in any online live casino dealer in Malaysia; it offers free spins, spectacular games, progressive jackpots, prize multipliers and various bonuses.


20 line slots offer two types of bonuses; free spins and bonus games. Playing the maximum lines, trigger a bonus that yields 20 lines in live play since each free spin awarded plays off separately.


This game types keep track of each line and credit you all winning combinations instantly. Maximizing the number of lines you play, gets you the maximum wins. 


30 line slots are video slots with loads of stunning features available in a host of online live dealers in Malaysia; these games are however in short supply.


40 line slots are a set of extraordinary games using this amount of pay-lines; and the more pay-lines offered, the better the opportunities for players to win.


Gaming software developers use a variety of popular characters integrating them into action-packed slot machines featuring 50 lines. These pay-line games offer better chances of winning than single pay-lines.


As the name implies, these games have 60 paylines, making the visible symbols that are not aligned on the central horizontal potential winning combinations. The more bet a player takes, the more the payout if there is a win.


100 line slots are extra special, and only a few game software providers can make such move. Microgaming has a recent 100-line slot game which is fun and intriguing. 


These game types work the same way as a typical video slot. Players place a bet on the five-reel screen, with three symbol positions visible on each reel presented to them.


These are rare to find in online live casino dealers; they have an odd feature where different amounts of symbols are displayed on the five reels. The machine has 3 x 3 x 4 x 4 x 5, which equals 720 lines.


These slots have five reels and four symbols on display, i.e. 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4, which equals 1024. Players are to match up three or more of the symbols on the five reels.


2048 line slots are slowly growing into popularity, and hence are not easily found in most online live dealers. They offer bonus rounds, free spins, and other packages for players.


These slot types offer a 6 reel and a 100 free spins for the win; a perfect example is Mighty Africa, the game features 4,096 ways to win.


Fishing games allow players to experience the fun of fishing with the click on their device and also maximize profit from the fun derived. Loads of fishing games are available in most online live casino dealers in Malaysia, here are a few of them:


This game was designed by SpeedGaming software developer, and it brings player that action-packed experience that comes with a fish shooting game. The game is found in most online live dealers in Asia; it infuses the feel from mobile games and casino games to make an impeccable mix.

Fishing war is packed with great features, including wilds and scatters, free spins, multipliers, and a special bonus game called the Fly Fishing Bonus. The game is suitable for action lovers; lots of moving parts and bonus features are all packed in one game to give players an unforgettable experience.


This is another SpadeGaming designed fishing game with loads of bonuses and real money exchange. The game has more than 40 golden dragon bosses, lots of VIP fishes and amazing features which makes players want to play all day.

An environment with colourful 3D pictures, clear graphics and the sweet whistling sound of the sea waves brings players to the action in the deep blue sea, where they make wild catches; the swordfish is both a wild symbol and a scatter. Fishing God has some extra special features to facilitate enjoyment.


A game by GG Gaming, Fishing World is one of the top fishing games available in most online live casino dealers in Asia; the game is designed in the most magnificent way, appealing to players’ taste.  Fishing World features over 30 distinct types of fishes, for players to maximize hit.

The game also has different levels where players can also place distinct wager options. The king crab is the highest hit; players can get 300 to 1000* betting value for hitting the king crab. Other fish types are swordfish, swordfish, red snapper, yellowfin tuna, and many others, with huge rewards for players to get.


Cash fish is a game by PlayTech; the game is fun and easy to play. The game welcomes players to a vibrantly coloured, cartoon-style marine life, with features to be used to capture different sea creatures.

The game has various modes with access to different weapons; the amount of bet placed unlocks certain weapons to help you capture the sea species of your choice. The game has a fishing hook symbol with a wide-eyed earthworm wrapped around it.


Fishermen Gold, a game by SA Gaming; it is one of the best fishing games found in any online live casino dealers that offer the height of fun and enjoyment, loaded with amazing features, it keeps you entertained throughout the gaming session. The game pictures a deep ocean theme and a wealth of underwater treasures; it uses a multiplier to increase players win. With this game, you can feel the refreshing moment accompanied by fishing in the cool of the day, from your home.


Sports betting, is another aspect of online live casino dealer gaming experience for players; this is different from the conventional slot and card games. In sports betting, players put a certain wager on the outcome of a particular sport, predicting what the results will be.

The convention is placing bets on football; however, aside from soccer, sports lovers also stake their bets on other sporting activities such as lawn tennis, basketball, hockey, boxing, and lots more, both at amateur and professional levels.

The games are arranged as odds, and these odds are outcomes are assigned by the bookmakers, also called the bookies. Sports betting has a multiplier factor; the potential wins on each bet placed by players are calculated using the multiplier on the outcome of the bets and the assigned odds by the bookies.

Any bet with an accurate prediction, gets the calculated potential win, while a wrong prediction leads to a loss.


Several online live casino dealers in Malaysia offer certain promotions and bonuses to players as a way to bring new customers to their casino, and also as incentives to existing customers for their unwavering loyalty. Promotions are services offered to keep members from leaving a particular casino; these bonuses are business strategy online casinos use to keep their casinos functioning.

These promotions and bonus packages are distinct to online live casinos, different categories of members and different games; some apply to first-timers only, others apply to all members and there are also special offers and jackpots for members to benefit from.


Online live casino dealers are numerous; new players look at the welcome bonuses amongst other things to decide which to join. These bonuses are made available to first-timers of a particular online live casino, whether or not they are new to gambling; it is a way to pull customers to the casino.


Deposit bonuses vary with online live casinos in Malaysia; it is given mostly to first-timers, on their first deposits, or to existing members, based on the casino’s policy. The bonus represents a fixed percentage of customer’s deposit, and this percentage varies with online live casinos in Malaysia. 


This promotion package is a form of compensation for players; players who lose a certain amount of their deposit are given a refund by the casino. Casinos offer this bonus in various ways; they either do a refund or reduce the amount of cash paid on certain game selections.


Some online live casino dealers offer customers free credits just for signing up as members; the players do not have to deposit any cash to qualify for this bonus. Other casinos offer this promotion as free demos for players to see how the game is played before staking their bets.


Online live casino dealers offer bonuses to players based on daily or weekly deposits; a certain amount as deposit fixed by the casino on a daily or sometimes weekly basis has a bonus attached to it. The bonuses can be in the form of free spins or slashed bets.


Inviting your friends or families over to an online live casino allows you access to the referral bonus. The bonus could be in the form of cash prizes, gadgets or free credit. Online casinos in Malaysia use this bonus as a strategy to increase their player database.



visa and master card payment method

Card payments are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to settle bills without carrying cash; Visa, MasterCard, and Union Pay are perfect examples. These debit cards allow secure and fast funds transfer online; online casinos, therefore, use this method for players to deposit into their bankroll.


skrill payment method

Skrill can be used to make fast and secure online without linking your bank account to the casino. The e-Wallet offers unlimited access to your funds and is easy to use, hence most online casinos have adopted this method of payment for players.


netteller payment method

This is another electronic wallet payment method; it is used by most players in Malaysia as it enables complete, safe and smooth transactions to the casino. This payment method is being used by millions of customers all over the world and is very safe.


eeziepay payment method

Eaziepay is a secure payment platform for easy payment for online casinos in Malaysia; It allows casinos to accept payments from customers through their debit or credit cards. This payment platform processes payments in real-time and comes highly recommended.


help2pay online payment method

This is an online shopping payment platform used by most Malaysians; it is very reliable, easy and quick to use. Help2Pay allows you to keep certain details about yourself, to prevent any form of hack online. It is also widely used by most online live casino dealers in Malaysia.


Online casinos have come to stay in the world of gambling; the amazing features attached are matchless. There is no greater feeling when you can have all the fun you desire from your home with the click of your mouse; especially in the era of the lockdown being faced worldwide. Online casinos in Malaysia are bounded by certain laws and are 100% legal; players do not have to fear but simply enjoy all the casinos offer. The plethora of games, easy payment methods, wins, bonuses and promotions are all worth the experience.


  1. Is online gambling legal in Malaysia?

Yes, laws such as the Betting Act of 1953 guides these online casinos. They also have several licensing bodies that endorse them.

  1. Are the online casino games fair to its players?

House edge gives casinos the upper edge over players; however, some games have lower house edges than others, allowing players the opportunity to win. Bonuses and promotions are also put in place by casinos for customers to bag lots of wins.

  1. Can I play online casino games on my mobile device?

Yes, that’s the beauty of online casino games; they can be accessed with our mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Some casinos are not compatible with all devices, but players can still access others with their mobile devices.

  1. Where can I play casino now?

There are lots of online casinos in Malaysia; read up on their reviews and make your choice based on your game preference, bonuses, ease of access and payment methods.

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